The Road to Here

A Google Streetview timeline of all the places I’ve ever lived.

1961–1966 981 Meadow Drive, Battle Creek, Michigan

1966–1970  3414 Bevann Drive, Farmers’ Branch, Texas

1966–1970 3414 Bevann Drive, Farmers’ Branch, Texas

1970–1980 6038 Woodland Drive, Dallas, Texas. (Note: This is not the McMansion I grew up in. It, and so many others in the Preston Hollow neighborhood, have been bulldozed and replaced by much bigger houses as property values skyrocketed over the past 20 years).

1980–1981 Twin Towers dormitory, Ole Miss, Oxford, Mississippi

1981-1982 554 Hathorn Road, Oxford, Mississippi. Also known as the “Roundhouse Apartments” I shared this penthouse with my brother, CO, for a year.

1982–1984 The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house, Ole Miss, Oxford, Mississippi

Summer, 1983 3600 Southwood Road, Memphis, Tennessee. I interned that summer at the (now-defunct) Memphis Press-Scimitar, a Scripps-Howard newspaper. I boarded at Mr Rudin’s house. I met his daughter, Allison, at SMU the year before and she invited me to stay at her Dad’s house for the summer. It didn’t end well.

Summer, 1984 1337 Clinch Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee

1984–1985 1000 Thompson Place, Knoxville, Tennessee

1986-1987  8502 Edgemere Road, Dallas, Texas

1986-1987 8502 Edgemere Road, Dallas, Texas

1987-1988 7474 Skillman Street, Dallas, Texas

1988 257 West Brown Street, Birmingham, Michigan

1988-1989 451 North Eton Street, Birmingham, Michigan

1989 16 Hammond Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts

1989-1994 53 Summer Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts

1994–2002 61 High Street, Rockport, Massachusetts

2002-2003 34 Rockport Road, Gloucester, Massachusetts

2003–Now 5 Straitsmouth Way, Rockport, Massachusetts

Patrick Mitchell